Friday, March 18, 2011

If you are reading this you probably enjoy baking and cooking. Well, both involve grocery shopping, right? Well, this is where couponing comes into play! In January 2011, I was browsing the channels on my TV and came across a show called "Extreme Couponing". Intrigued by the idea of saving money, I watched it from beginning to end, completely amazed through every minute of it! "Extreme Couponing" which aired on TLC, followed four regular people and their couponing endeavors. I watched these people take $3,000 grocery bills down to pennies (no joke!). One of the featured guests on the show is Nathan Engels, of After watching the show and signing up for his site (it's free to join!) I have noticed myself inching closer and closer to becoming an "extreme couponer." His site features grocery store coupon match ups for almost all of the grocery stores, including the drugs stores, and Coupon Previews of the Sunday paper inserts, before the come out!
Check it out for yourself!

Below is a link to Nathan's "Frugal TV". There are some very intriguing videos on there, that will teach you a lot on how to get started!

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